brown eyed fox


strutting her stuff

shiningcarissa fox4 Comments


look at our gretel!
she is a super model… in the DOGGY world!

i was SO excited to receive this in our box yesterday!
one of those proud mommy moments… smiling ear to ear!

our little MiMi green model!

tickled to my toes to know they loved a shot of our little gal…
AND wanted to use it on some of their material!
how FUN is THAT!  VERY!
i think it turned out SO great!
don’t you think!

did you get a chance to go by MiMi green yet?
if you have a furry friend… boy or girl… FOR SURE take a peek!
such hip… fresh goodness for our four legged friends!
not to mention… she has the most awesome blog too!
you’ll want to add her to your list!

this was her yesterday… loving her new clip!

i hope all THIS doesn’t go to her head… she might just topple over!  :)



beans & a true buddy...

capturingcarissa fox25 Comments


we found them just like this... 
fast asleep (well one of them) in between the back cushion of a chair!

i think as much as Gretel likes to ACT like she "needs her space" away from Riley...
COME ON... look at them!  she loves it too!

and speaking of sleep... okay i see the correlation...
i NEED coffee to wake up from the SLEEP i didn't get...  I need Ambien! :)
do you take the time to grind in the morning?
actually scoop AND grind BEFORE you brew!

It's hAppY go lucky hump day!
Here's to a FULL brewed... FULL of goodness... kind of day!