brown eyed fox


frigid friday

being, exploringcarissa fox29 Comments

i think today calls for snow boots!

would you believe they’re calling for single digit temps…
and we’re not talking wind chill here… that’s actual.  wow!

think it might be time to bring in the patio furniture… just maybe.

i have a feeling…
this weekend… we’ll be building our FIRST snowman of the season!

tell me… how is it today “in your neck of the woods”?
find it neat… all the extremes!

are you seeing snow too?
is the rain still falling there?
you wearing flip flops?
do tell!

cheers to YOU on this BEAUTIFUL friday!


it did…

playingcarissa fox16 Comments


it was way past their bed time… but come on… we let them play for a bit…
they were SO excited… as you can see!   ha… crazy girl!

so today will be a speckled white thursday… and COLD as ALL get out!
hoping that cold will give me the extra zing i need in my step today…
lots of GOOD things happening!

wishing you a day FULL of zing too!


homemade snow cone

capturing, playingcarissa fox18 Comments

sleet + snow + rain + 50 plus mph wind = our first taste of Fall in Wyoming!

three inches stuck on the mountain… and they’re calling for another 4 – 8 !
should i say… “bring it on”!

i am looking forward to it…
the chill…
the sweaters…
the boots…
the turning red leaves…
the mulled spice wine!

we’re ready…
ready for all that comes with Fall… which here seems a bit  more like Winter!
i think i better go coat shopping!

ready for Fall AND Monday!
a new week… a new set of possibilities… a new jump start… so here we GO!