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noodle and lou

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Look at my new teeny lulette houses! Are they not SO fun! I got them
here... from a great Etsy shop called Noodle and Lou! Her packaging is enough to make you scream with glee. I did! You know when you get something in the mail... it looks so pretty you want it to last... I did that when I got this package! Oogled over it for days... really! She creates pure light-hearted fun! I am looking forward to snagging one of her great paintings too one day! Her blog is super too... for the latest happenings!

Life's little pleasures...

Jenn... thanks so much for my little lovelies! They are truly super! :)

fresh & fabulous

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Go ahead... you can tell me how FUN my new blog is!

Shawn over at eclectic Whimsy designs put it together! Talk about creative! Talk about cute! She has the prettiest eyes ever! You must check out one of her blogs here... she not only creates truly great blogs but these really fabulous bags! I am a big fan of her entertaining & truly hip blog!

I am thrilled Shawn... thank you sooooooo much!