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western slope

cherry limeade for me...

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Our Sunday... one of those days where you have one popsicle after another! I was guilty too... they were gooooood!

My hands feel like spaghetti noodles this morning! I actually did some digging yesterday! I thought there was a lot of rock in Texas... pleeeease... for goodness sakes... the western slope is one big rock! Ton 'o rock! Pretty rock atleast!

I think we had forgotten just how much work goes into moving into a "blank slate". The balance of it... knowing this is a temporary home for us... is a bit of a challenge. A fun... yet dad gum expensive challenge! :) We are hoping to have the fence & sprinkler contractors out within the next couple of weeks! Can't wait... then we can get some pretty green! Green grass... fluffy shrubs... yummy lavender... tall trees... yippee!

So... here is Monday... already! Hello! Always such a "catch up" day! Is it for you to? I will be trying to "catch up" on all things housekeeping and scheduling. I've got to get on the horn and follow up with all these contractors that live in their own fantasy world! They live by a different clock all together! Sweet just slow!
Sure would be great to squeeze in some creative time for the shop too. She has practically been abandoned! Poor thing... awe!

So... here's to a day full of lighting some fires... under some butts & in our hearts! :)