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& boo hoo's!
we left TEXAS again!
every time we leave... i wonder... WHY the heck are we leaving!
It is truly like leaving PART of YOU behind (a bit more on our trip later)...  


so... we're back in Colorado & still recovering from our NUTTY drive...
our SECOND day on the road...
that should have been 6 1/2 hours turned into 11 1/2 hours!  
I think my behind is STILL asleep... I kid you not!
The GREAT thing... we MADE IT back safely & soundly! 

So... moo to you... missed you ALL...
and REALLY looking forward to hearing about YOUR week!

oh... and this cowgirl (me)... i have 46 pair of shoes in my closet!
flip flops... clogs... boots & all!
THAT was SO neat hearing ALL of your guesses... WAY fun!
THANK YOU so much for joining in... yall are THE best!
I believe there was a guess of 47... 
quite a few of you were RIGHT THERE...
i believe... Edie... would be the winner... yahoo (i'll get with you a bit later)!

BIG hugs... oodles & oodles to ALL of you!


it has begun

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I guess it's really happening! We're really moving!

It was the packer's first day... they got a ton done... really awesome! Their stamina... wow... my body is TIRED... and I was just taking things off the walls! Does that mean I'm out of shape? Yuck!

There are boxes & bare walls everywhere! I have found myself many times going to a drawer to grab something and....... oh....... nothing there. Such habits!

Campbell came home from school and was shocked to see her room already all packed. The really good thing about our things being packed... Riley can not change clothes a million times today! That girl... she is something else!

Since our coffee pot is now packed away... I guess I'll HAVE to go get a latte in the morning to help me face the day! Shucks!

I am feeling excited... sad... apprehensive and truly blessed all at the same time!

sunday smiles

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Picking flowers... rides on the teeter totter... dressing up like a princess... all for some afternoon smiles!

Tonight it's early to bed & tomorrow it's back to school! School! It will take me a while to wrap my brain around the fact that she is already in kindergarten! Little bit and I will have a full morning out and about. Lunch for a treasured friend's birthday and errands around town.

I am ending the day on a high... thank God! I feel like I've been on a teeter totter lately! Being in limbo with our move and all. I... for the most part... think I am handling it all pretty well... BUT... I have those days/moments where total panic sets in! I feel like I have so much ON HOLD! So much I can not get involved in. So much the girls will miss out on. I truly (even after all more emotional out- bursts) KNOW it IS all in the plan. I know there IS a reason for all this craziness! Right? I know I am NOT the only gal facing these same issues right now. I just have to keep falling back on the fact that I have no idea what is in store and be OKAY knowing that GOD does and he in in control!