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bugs... buds... a big ugh

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You know we are finally warming up when the fuzzy little bugs start venturing out from their winter digs! This particular caterpillar was quite the speed racer... you could barely hold on to him.

I have to say I am loving all the great flowers & buds peeking out right now! The superb thing about living somewhere with "true" seasons... outstanding color & vibrancy in the Spring! Almost like they are waking up from a long winter's nap to say "hi"!

A while back on a post I had mentioned my excitement about a new bookcase I had on order! I have been looking for one about six months... when I found this gem.
Well... a big ugh... unfortunately the company I ordered it through phoned the other day... they had to cancel all back orders on this piece! what! I was crushed! The lady that called was SO nice! This was a new item for them and when they arrived they had major quality issues. I felt really bad for them... they are having to call all customers (130+) and tell them the news... what a big loss for them! Get this though... they are sending me a 75 dollar gift card for the inconvenience! How cool is THAT! Things like this happen... not their fault. Frankly I love the fact that they are a great company not willing to sacrifice quality and stand up for great customer satisfaction! I just love them!

The good news... I did find one "somewhat" similar over at Sundance... casters and all! :)

So... here's to a truly terrific Thursday... which reminds me... I completely forgot about way back wednesday yesterday... go figure... I'm a nut that can't keep her days straight!

May today be full of beautiful buds... the best is still yet to bloom!

way back... wednesday

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Actually taken three years ago from today! Not way back... but oh... how they've grown already!

Big sis... lil sis... that will never change! There will always be a bond there that nothing will erase!

Riley still looks at big sis with sparkles in her eyes... wants to be JUST like her! She's like a little duckling right behind her mama... waddle waddle. With each day Campbell becomes a bit more tolerant... hey she's not so bad to play with. Pretty soon they will be borrowing each others clothes... oh Lordy... that's when it gets interesting!

One day they will know just how blessed they are to have each other! It makes me happy knowing they are sisters... side by side... through thick & thin!