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a BAT & "how cool is that"...

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little bit & i were SO in the mood for some bacon ooh la la for lunch!
do you love these too or what?
we do a tiny thing differently... instead of mayo we use miracle whip... tangy YUM!

after i uploaded this pic i noticed the bite out of the bacon... just COULDN'T wait could i... ha!  


i changed my profile pic over at facebook... and everybody was SO nice!
all i know... they sure put a skip in my step today!
for a gal to hear ONCE that "she looks good"... it is gut level "FEEL GOOD"!
thank you SO much... really! 

now... for something funny...
look at the front of my hair where the part is... see that hair sticking out kind of funny...
that would be one of MANY grays i have on my head!
why is it that they grow so wacky woo anyway?

i am one happy... gray haired growing mama that it's fRidAy...
sure hope your weekend is filled with a BIG bowl of goodness... grab a BIG spoon & ENJOY!


deepening our roots

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yesterday... some good mama & me... real one on one time...
was exactly what was needed!
campbell wanted to go "scouting"... so she grabbed her camera...
i grabbed mine...
and we headed out to frolic on a nearby trail! 

IMG_4373 looking high... looking low  
looking for the beavers on the bank... we spotted their den
  2-9-11 happiness

IMG_4295-1 well... hello there... we see you

over the bridge... and through the woods... la la la la   

we were convinced there were little woodland fairies living in there

2-9-09 campbell & mama outing speaking of woodland fairies

2-9-09 campbell & mama outing by campbell you & me

IMG_4389 then we heard these flying in...

IMG_4436-1down they landed... to walk on thin ice

IMG_4612 edit that's my girl 

IMG_4283-1 edit  
just for my love of branches
  IMG_4377-1   side by side...  
IMG_4485-1 we had a hopping good time!

looking forward to a new week...
a new opportunity... to intertwine our roots a little more!


what happened to your skort little miss

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my computer is acting REALLY weird!

i have not been able to squeeze in a
post before it goes nuts!
i think it might need to go to the
'ol fix it shop! darnit!

My mama & step-dad are still here
visiting and getting lots of little hugs
from the little gals!
They will be headed back to Texas
tomorrow... boo...
again we will have to say goodbye.


We have loads of family & friends
in the Houston/Galveston area...
right now our thoughts &
prayers are with them!
Everyone is SAFE...
thank you Lord...
the things can be replaced!
We love you!

oh... btw... Lanny...
you're so great... THIS is my hubby!

the handsome... strapping fellow with the
newly acquired stashe is my cousin's hubby!
he ASKED for a blog update...
so he got it! :)
love you Rob!