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pigtails & progress...

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Precious little stinker! It is ten a.m. here and miss thing has already changed clothes three times! On one hand it makes me nuts... on the other it is kind of cute! Three and all about her look!

So... I let all the mess pile up yesterday (oh how I'm thinking today "what was I thinking") so I could have some fun in the 'ol studio/my space! I will finally be making "happy" with the shop! I miss... like a crazy woman... just creating! The outlet is good for the spirit!

Anywho... I will be able to add some delights (atleast I think they are) to the shop in the next couple of days. Yeah!

As for today! I actually have a haircut appointment! I'll be hopping over to the local Aveda salon and making "happy" with my hair! Yeah!

Here's to a... smile BIG & see how many frowns you can turn upside down... kind of day! It's catchy! :)