brown eyed fox

home sweet home

home sweet home...

carissa fox12 Comments

yippee! we are back in Colorado! back home!
there sure is something... a comfort about being home!

It's been quite a month...
a month that will be etched in my mind forever!

First & foremost...
thank you SO much for all your kind thoughts & prayers...
you're the best! Really... so dear to me... so special!
I carried you & your your love with me everywhere!
I have missed sharing & being in contact with you!
The computer just had to take a seat
on the back burner the last five weeks.
Really looking forward to "reconnecting".
There is no other way to say it...
I missed yall! BADLY! Like crazy!

For this morning...

a BIG... HUGE... hug & kiss to you!

Here's to a beautiful new day! A true gift indeed!