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over our heads

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at 7am the trucks started arriving…
river rock… mind you this was just one load… there was more of those darn rocks!
and then the sod!
oh the sod… the thing that threw us for a loop…
put us in a pinch!

as you know the sod is the absolute LAST thing that goes down in a yard.
since it has to be SOAKED… you need to stay off of it.
AND it needs to go down immediately…
or it will completely dry up.

well… to make a long story short…
we wanted to scramble the eggs before the eggs were even hatched!  :)

here we were…
the sun setting… with pallet after pallet of sod still needing to be set.
one of those moments you realize… “i think we bit off more than we could chew”!

i ran inside…
posted a quick status update on FB… for little prayers… from friends.
we realized this was NOT a  huge thing…
but boy howdy we needed help… in some way shape or form!

thank you SO much for your thoughts & prayers…

would you believe our landscapers…
who we just met two weeks ago…
who we told WE could handle the sod…
jumped right in and helped us!
and BIG…
they stayed until MIDNIGHT laying that sod!
on Labor Day weekend!
can you believe that!

what incredible people they are!
they didn’t owe us a thing.

and get this…
it turns out… that the first church we have been planning to visit…
the pastor of that church… is the father in law of our landscaper!

you just never know how things will play out…
who you will meet…
the blessings you will be given!

the Lord works in mysterious ways!

so even though we still have several things to do…
the grass is on the ground!

and we did have FUN!

and even found time to fetch refreshments for miss thing!

the girls were VERY helpful…
helping me water down & walk on the “gorilla hair” mulch…
that’s what they call it… and it looks JUST like that!
they even make special mulch here because of the crazy wind!  :)

we were all a MESS!
you should see the floors in the house right now!
my word!
i’ll get to those at some point!

a treasure we uncovered!
among all the dirt & worry…
there to remind us…
you just never know the gifts that lie beneath!

there sure is lots of LOVE in the world!

13 on friday the 13th...

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thirteen things this morning that have already made me say
"awe... what a great day"...

1. waking up rEsTed... YES
2. cinnamon bun creamer in my cOffee
3. cOffee... PERIOD  

IMG_5008-1 4. fresh snow falling from the sky
5. little bit & her heart footprints 

6. getting soupy (campbell) to school EARLY  
7. riley telling campbell... "i wuv you" this morning over their cheerios breakfast 

IMG_4949-28. a handmade valentine card sitting pretty on my keyboard

9. getting the chance to wear my Merrell snow boots   

10. valentine goodies wrapped & out the door
IMG_4919-1  11. an email in my inbox that brought tears of joy from a long lost friend

12. babysitter confirmed for tomorrow night
13. the simple fact that's it's fRidAy... AND a three day weekend to boot  

so... here's to fRidAy...
and finding more things to add to our "awe... what a great day" list!


paper sack face

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campbell's box is ready...
ready for all those lOvE notes and all that pink heart goodness!

do i ever remember making my box when i was i school... don't you!
getting home and getting to swoon over all the cute characters & sparkly wishes!
and them of course there was the chocolate! 
truth be told...
i am one of those nibble a bit on this one... put it back in the box...
nibble a bit on that one...
too much good variety! 
and that dark chocolate... it stays in the box untouched!

but thanks to those GIRL SCOUT COOKIES that just arrived... ugh...
i better stay FAR away from heart shaped candy boxes this year!    

you and your honey have any special plans for lOvE day?