brown eyed fox


when a pot belly is cute

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holding onto to all the precious things of a little one.
they just grow up TOO fast!

like little weeds they burst onward and upward.
reaching new heights it seems EACH day.

new words… new choices… new independent attitudes.
all to find their way… their UNIQUE voice.

it sure is neat to see them twirl about and GROW.
each stage being truly beautiful all it’s own.

as we make sure to tend… nurture… grab a hold…
of each of their little blooms.

isn’t it amazing how EACH one of their stems… their traits… are SO different…
ALL colorful… ALL pretty…  ALL strong…
yet all VERY individual.

working together to make up their very OWN… beautiful… EVER changing bouquet!

HOW does this happen

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get online to order her some new “tennies”…
because of course here in the boondocks…
there are slim pickings… or they’ve ALREADY been picked!
better measure her foot it’s been a while!
she measures to wear a 3.5 !
”something clicks in my head”…
wait… i can wear a 4 in kids…
holler downstairs…
”come back here campbell”…

look at her foot!
look at her feet!

HOW does this happen?

how does my first born… precious baby girl… get this BIG!

all i know… i better run out and buy a shoe vault or something…
VERY soon she will be wanting to trot out of the house wearing MY shoes!


happy friday

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they REALLY are growing! 
should i place one of the steppers on their heads...
maybe it will slow them down a bit? 

we have made several stone steppers over the years...
these were made in June of 2005...
NOW riley's hands & feet fit in Campbell's molds!
she thinks THAT is the coolest thing ever!

i have also been INFORMED it's time to make new ones!
sounds like a good plan to me! 


look at that tiny little hand on the right... that was her hand only four years ago!
sure... i would love to keep them tiny... itty bitty snuggle bugs forever...
it sure is fun seeing them GROW & come into their OWN!
their own little stubborn sassy pants!

aren't you SO excited it's Friday?
me TOO!
soooooo ready!

cheers & here's to a sassy... full of vigor day!
like we say in the car on the way to school on Fridays...

" this is it... the last day of the week...
give it your ALL... BE the best you can be... have FUN! "