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where the cicadaโ€™s sing

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awwwwe… the sites & sounds of the hill country of Texas!
and the HEAT!
my word… it is dipping HOT!
there IS so much comfort in that gentle hum of those insects!
that wonderful sense of sound… sounds AND feels like HOME!

we OBVIOUSLY made it to the big state & have been having a BALL!
been loving EVERY minute of our visit & seeing our family!

a big thank you to my mama for making that LOOOONG drive with us…
when you get into the meat of the drive you realize…
“NO WAY could i do this trek on my own”!
i think we counted twelve stops on our second day…
absolutely none of us were on the same potty schedule!  :)
we had perfect weather & made it safe & sound though… thank you Lord!


with the temps steady & OVER 100 degrees…
swimming & popsicles have been BIG on the agenda!
amazing just how many you CAN eat in a row!

IMG_2160 IMG_2187 IMG_2170 IMG_2161


heidi & hunter are always fun to see too!



poor hunter though…
gretel thinks she’s ALL THAT & chases him up the trees!


and look they had more BABIES!
they are SO cute… we were lucky to sneak a peak… cuz she keeps ‘em moving!


and i am happy to report…
we have a house!
the hunt is OVER!  thank you Lord!
thank you for all your well wishes!
i have just loved hearing from you ALL!
we will be moving into our home in Wyoming July the 22nd!
i can not wait!
getting this and that in their new little spots… LOVE that!
SO love to settle into a new place & make it home!

big hugs to you all!
i really hope you are having a ball of a summer too!
be back tomorrow to share more of our adventure!

hello there...

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good morning all!

i am feeling MUCH better...
so much so that i am going to the gym this morning!
ALWAYS makes me feel better!

thank YOU...
for all your sweet comments... emails... calls... over the last few days...
you make me feel LOVED!

as well...
i WILL get back with your questions... "contact me" messages you've sent...
i promise... thanks SO for your patience!
i am looking forward to catching up around blogland too!


if you noticed the oh-so-very-cute collar & flower on gretel
you have a doggie of your own...
you have GOT to take a peek over at MIMI green !
talk about WAY fun!
i am an instant fan of her collection... and just KNOW you will be too! 

BIG hugs yall...
here's to a terrific Thursday... may it be filled with ALL good things!



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in some good 'ol vitamin d !


it was a flip flop kind of day yesterday & our warmest yet of the season!


after running to Home Depot...
little bit & i ran & grabbed some Subway...


for a picnic in the backyard...


i think we ALL enjoyed ourselves!


it was AWESOME...


and i think we are FINALLY feeling thawed out from all the cold!

4-19-09 painted house1

after lunch we decided to FINALLY paint the little house...
a gift from gran-mama & gran-papa... over a YEAR ago!


it was a team effort... for the FIRST hour... :D...
then it was mama on a mission to get the thing DONE! 

the good thing...
we were NOT going for perfection... just COVERAGE!
and speaking of coverage... paint... EVERYWHERE!

oh the fun!  



their little house is all ready... for loads of imaginative FUN!

the sunshine yesterday was SO good... in SO many ways!
you gotta love being reminded...
the sun is ALWAYS there... EVEN through the clouds!

here's to a bright start to our week...
and may there be... MANY open doors... and LOADS of possibilities !