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had to have it... tuesday

had to have it tuesdaycarissa fox12 Comments


a real sweetheart asked the other day about these vases...
so what better for today.

i had my eye on this pair for well over two years...
waited & waited.
and waited.

then when the time was right... i ran my giddy self back to their site...
to discover the lady was GONE!
this pair was a hot ticket!

Untitled Untitled

although i was quite taken with the man... that stache!
i really wanted him to have his friend.

so what does a desperate vase craving lady do?
i picked up the phone & called floral art myself.

they couldn't have been nicer!
AND the lady was expected in just a few months!

there is something about this pair that gets me.
they are a hoot.
i just adore them.


see... i knew he'd like having her around!


now clearly... i know... i need to get a better succulent arrangement going...
but when they arrived at my door step...
i threw the pots off what i had... and threw these in there.
this had been a long wait after all.

you'll have to stop by & see the gorgeous succulents they arrange in them.
hello... beautiful!
what i will certainly aim for next.

i think i might have a little fun with them for a while though.
some fresh cut flowers... in a pretty fall color... might be fun!
and with christmas around the corner... ohhhh my... little pine trees!
kind of quirky... but why not?!
ohhh the possibilities!

i'll have to see what pops up................ out of their heads!