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the hue in you

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“ Today you are YOU, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is YOUER than YOU. ”
the colorful & simply wonderful DR. SEUSS... who would be 105 today!

awe... to embrace all the silly... sometimes nutty... certainly unique characteristics...
that make us all our own unique shade of color!
ALL the BEAUTIFUL color in the world... we all have such a SPECIAL part in making up the rainbow! 

i'd like to think if i could be a shade of color i'd want to be RED...
bold... bright... clear... sometimes a little too loud... but good in small doses! :)
what shade of color would you want to be?


soft... creamy... butter

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it was like... butter! 

don't you like butter on your toast!

the day was truly beautiful yesterday!

we were able to throw OFF our jackets... little bit even threw ON her flip flops...
and we headed outside to kick up our heals & play!




flip flops... is it THAT time already...
somebody get me to SPA... my feet scream winter!

oh happy day... it is here... FRIDAY... ready & raring to bring us some FUN!

i'll be sharpening my blackjack skills... doing addition with my fingers...
oh yes i still do that... we're going to Casino night!   ding ding ding 
what kind of weekend plans to you have? 



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i have been digging deep lately... pondering... wondering... praying!
i know that this time of year moves in with an instant NEED to purge...
start ANEW... look at things with a FRESH eye!
well... i have been looking at things with a fresh HEART too.

i want to make room for my dreams to GROW!
widen the fork in the road to a MERGE!

sometimes it is scary to take the leap!
to cut the dry away & allow the NEW to sprout!

how to KNOW whether the new sprouts will be as sweet... as savory...
as gratifying!

that's just the thing i suppose... if your feet never leave the ground...
you never take the leap!
you just have to jump!

is there anything you too would like to pull up... to make room for new?
do you have a pocket full of seeds that just needs to be tossed?