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colorado national monument

cold but pretty

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My sister made it... after a really long two days on the road... they arrived in our driveway! That is always such a good feeling... when who your waiting on arrives! :) joy!

brrrrr! The sun was hiding the big part of the day! The temp gauge "said" it was 39 degrees... I think it was colder! :)

We still headed out to see what we could see!

Having Ian here is the best thing in the world to the girls! Good times! Big smiles! Deep belly laughs! We're all happy... happy... happy day! :)

Happy St. Patricks Day! Enjoy! Have an ale! Hug a red-head! :)

Grand Junction get-away

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We're back from a get-away in Grand Junction, Colorado! We had some really yummy food... took in some truly incredible sights... met some really neat people! No mosquitoes there!

(in the plane... on the way... cloud shot)

We drove up the Colorado National Monument and I thought I might just pee in my pants! I was terrified on the way up! I am pretty confident my hand prints are still on the rent car's dash! I will say it is beautiful! We found ourselves saying "woooowww" alot! Jaw dropping beauty!

The main street in the town is very quaint and full of life! We just missed the farmer's market they have there thursday evenings... supposed to be fun! I just loved all the sculptures they have there... lots of personality!
All & all we had a really super time! The get-away did us good!