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thankful climb

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it's that time again!
time that we start filling out our "thankfuls".
making note... taking note... of all those things that we are so grateful.
i have posted about this before here and here.

as much as i wanted to drive up the mountain for a big 'ol branch...
had a vision of what i wanted... it just didn't happen in time.
our trusty ladder... that i love so... will get to be dressed with our notes again.

i did make a minor adjustment to her... the ladder.
i saw this "art tape" at the office supply store (oh the fun with that)...
and thought it would be fun for the notes.
they had several fun colors but... of course the red jumped out at me...
it was time to change up the ladder a bit.
why not!

she was red... now... she's awesome aqua!
gave her a whole new look i think.
it took me all of fifteen minutes... and wah lah... she's got on a fun new dress.
and i have to say... i am really digging the aqua too!

we sure love this tradition!
simple in it's form... and yet really fun and thoughtful!
kids come up with some of the best things!

each day... everyone in our family jots down a "thankful".
it might be a hot cup of cocoa on a blistery cold day.
the shelter & roof over our heads.
the deep belly laugh that made you snort outloud.
there are so many!
just counting them... remembering them.

life can get so crazy... so hectic... especially this time of year.
we can so easily rush & huff about... been there done that...
forgetting all the good right in front of us!
all the blessings big and small.
ALL the gifts.

do tell!
do you too do a thankful of some kind?
a tradition in november to shine light on the good?
i've already heard from a few friends... letting me know they too have started.
so great!
i'd love to hear about yours too.
if you don't have one yet it's so easy to get going... and so fun.
anything works!
you can post them on your fridge...
your mantel (like a fall garland)...
hang a ribbon vertically and pin them all along.
pluck twigs from outside for a neat bucket/vase/container.
a magnetic or bulletin board.
cut out a paper wreath with your favorite pretty paper.
pin them on your hat!  :O)

i look forward to seeing the notes cover the ladder.
our hearts and eyes opening.
and remembering ALL there is for us to be thankful!

copy cat

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you reach... she'll REACH!
you run ... she'll RUN!
you dance... she'll DANCE!
you stretch... she'll STRETCH!
you stand tall... she'll STAND TALL!
you go for it... SO WILL SHE!

she may be your SHADOW but... she lives within you...
and is always there to show how FUN you ARE... how MIGHTY... how BIG... how STRONG!

   as she follows you... you'll see...
she'll show you just how wonderful you ARE!

we are SO enjoying the GORGEOUS weather!
believe it or not... on Saturday we woke up to SNOW... then bright bold sunshine on Sunday!

all i know... i want to grab Spring by the horns & RIDE!
with flip flops ON...
oh WAIT... i need a pedi BAD!

is Spring peeking out where you are too? 



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 years of pure bliss! 

ha ha ha ha...
okay... SERIOUSLY... can we be honest here!

marriage is one of hardest thing we have ever done!
i guess that is to be expected when you are
COMPLETE opposites from one another!
if you were to write out on a piece of paper our traits...
it would look "mathematically"...  not EVEN possible... no way... no how!
those of you that know us... can attest to that! :)

a choice... commitment... to stick together through thick & thin!
we have had a lot of thin... very thin... thin ICE!
and there have been times as though i thought we would
fall right through that ice!

i think when you bring two people together... AND their histories...
a new foundation sometimes has to be built.
at least for us... this has shown to be true...
because somewhere along the way our personal foundations formed a few cracks. 

the really GREAT thing... as we rebuild our foundations...
we are not only becoming stronger within ourselves but... stronger as a TEAM!

we know our team needs more coaching... but we are both IN IT... to WIN it!

i am SO thankful that i have a man that lOVES me...
and is WILLING to do what ever it takes to make our lives beautiful TOGETHER!   
he is a hard-working... smart as ALL get out... 
always striving for the next level... well respected... funny...
awesome MAN and FATHER!
so to him i say...
hAppY AnniVeRsAry!
i love you
look forward to what the NEXT eleven years bring! 
he always gives me tulips on this day...
they are what i carried on our wedding day... my FAVORITE flower for sure!


the girlies dressed "us" special for the day... don't we look lovely! :)

3-7-09 anniversary
they even made us cards!   


so tonight... we'll be toasting with a REALLY nice bottle of red wine... 
and reminiscing about the last eleven years... like when he had hair & i had a waist!