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you reach... she'll REACH!
you run ... she'll RUN!
you dance... she'll DANCE!
you stretch... she'll STRETCH!
you stand tall... she'll STAND TALL!
you go for it... SO WILL SHE!

she may be your SHADOW but... she lives within you...
and is always there to show how FUN you ARE... how MIGHTY... how BIG... how STRONG!

   as she follows you... you'll see...
she'll show you just how wonderful you ARE!

we are SO enjoying the GORGEOUS weather!
believe it or not... on Saturday we woke up to SNOW... then bright bold sunshine on Sunday!

all i know... i want to grab Spring by the horns & RIDE!
with flip flops ON...
oh WAIT... i need a pedi BAD!

is Spring peeking out where you are too? 


blankets + popcorn + dancing hippo =

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laughing out loud! 


madagascar 2... was the perfect sunday night treat! 
who would have thought a hippo could have so many moves... ha!
my silly two cents... i definitely recommend it!

for some reason it is SO hard for me to SIT DOWN though & watch a movie!
i tend to read a magazine... play an iphone game...
check on laundry... check email...
yadda yadda... AND watch the movie... what is THAT... why do we do that!

last night... i stayed still like a good little girl... AFTER snapping these shots :D...
and really enjoyed the movie!
plus... i couldn't pass up an opportunity to sit next to those toesies!

today... it sure is nice having a "no school" day!
WHAT a monday... PERFECT start to the week!
a week i am counting on being filled with "good stuff"!

for me personally... i am looking for it to be filled with a little extra "umph"...
a little more "come on girl... step it up a notch"!
pushing past the expected and just adding a bit extra!
more effort into dinner... more time listening... more time on the treadmill (ugh)...  
more time being creative... more time being happy BEing in the moment! 

anything special... a little something... you'd like push past this week?
we can step it up a notch together!  :D


13 on friday the 13th...

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thirteen things this morning that have already made me say
"awe... what a great day"...

1. waking up rEsTed... YES
2. cinnamon bun creamer in my cOffee
3. cOffee... PERIOD  

IMG_5008-1 4. fresh snow falling from the sky
5. little bit & her heart footprints 

6. getting soupy (campbell) to school EARLY  
7. riley telling campbell... "i wuv you" this morning over their cheerios breakfast 

IMG_4949-28. a handmade valentine card sitting pretty on my keyboard

9. getting the chance to wear my Merrell snow boots   

10. valentine goodies wrapped & out the door
IMG_4919-1  11. an email in my inbox that brought tears of joy from a long lost friend

12. babysitter confirmed for tomorrow night
13. the simple fact that's it's fRidAy... AND a three day weekend to boot  

so... here's to fRidAy...
and finding more things to add to our "awe... what a great day" list!