brown eyed fox

black and white

this little girl of mine...

shiningcarissa fox11 Comments


amazes everyday!


she faces each morning with vigor...
READY to strive & stretch!


she stands on her tip toes
so she can see what is NEXT!

she wants to be YOUR friend
and will aim to please!

she looks for the good in it ALL
and in everything she sees!

i'm going to step out with her spunk...
and face this day
walking on the bright side!



way back... wednesday

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bee cee & me! i am guessing this was when we were eight or nine? gosh... it is so hard to tell! i don't see my forehead scares which helps with the date a bit.

those were the days! the mall arcade took alot of our allowance... my game of choice was mrs. pacman... her favorite was tempest! beth could play tempest so well she got to add her name to the list of champs!

orange julius... oh remember that place... it was so good! we had to go there if we were at the mall. the days when you could drop your kids off at the mall with some sense of knowing they were safe! i can't imagine that now! crazy!

my nickname took shape about this time i'm guessing! there was a friend of ours that had a little baby brother... he could not pronounce my name so he called me CACA! yes CACA! i have been called that ever sense! what is it about little things like nicknames from our childhood that bring such comfort? i guess it is the memories that are connection! connected not only in our minds but in our hearts! who would have ever guessed that being called "crap" would make me happy... but it does!

here's to you bee cee... my best friend since first grade! no one knows me like you do... the stories... the mistakes... the flat out craziness! thank GOD! we can always pick up right where we left off! we can be truly honest with one another even if it hurts! we can make each other pee our pants! my word... we have done some really nutty... silly... crazy things! i am so thankful to have such a gift!

my life has been blessed with the best friends any gal could dream of... my friends are priceless gems... they are the glue that keeps me together!

way back... wednesday

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back when I was about to pop! Pop with our second little drama queen. My stomach began to look like a third breast... my belly button... my goodness!

I do not think that big sis was quite prepared for the event ahead... well I guess kind of like daddy & I were not quite prepared. I don't think you really ready... you just have to jump in.

Having two girls is a real blessing! They have their moments... their temper tantrums... their stubborness... their arguing... their sassiness... however I know it is ALL good. All of these crazy things will evolve into good "tough cookie" traits! Tough cookies are good!

Here's to a jump in & really enjoy kind of day!