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balancing it all

ooooooh... i'm telling ya...

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it feels like i JUST put my head down on the pillow!
When the alarm went off...
i sat up & said out loud "REALLY?... no way"... ugh
i need some SERIOUS coffee... might be
a perfect Starbucks latte morning!


Can you relate or what?
It IS Wednesday... YES... that lovely hump day
that brings so much hope with it! We can make it! :)

Today is one of those days...
sort of like yesterday... trying to balance it all!
Some things just gotta give! I could not agree more Krista! :)

One thing I am THRILLED to say... see that
big yellowish envelope... those are our 2007 taxes...
(yes, we're legal, we filled an extension)
on the way to the post office... woo hoo!
One big thing off the list!

Bunches & bunches... oodles & oodles
of packages are on their way to
truly awesome people... thanks SO much for your love!

I am getting near the end... well since THERE IS NO END...
I am getting to a comfortable spot with the laundry!

So i can fit in little moments like THIS!

With the "to do's" mounting I am looking at the list
wondering what I can "put off"... there will not be enough
time... not gonna happen.

I think we spend most of their time prioritizing...
figuring out how to fit it all in...
oh... to make EVERYONE happy...
wanting to end the day feeling ACCOMPLISHED...
yet staying flexible for all those little surprises!

I'm thinking I'm going to let some things "give" today...
So I can spend more time "counting skittles"!
Is there something you can let "give" too?

Little bit & i are off to the gym & out to run errrands!
We've got a birthday party to pull together! :)

on a tight rope

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Welcome Monday! This is one of those days where I am waking up thinking "where in the world do I begin"! So much to do... my head is spinning!

Wearing many hats and always wearing a hat! You know what I mean... that 24/7 of being mommy... wife... woman! My word... my girls are a precious gift... the loves of my life... I just need time to breathe by myself! Only me. Trying to balance it all is my current challenge. Sometimes it feels like I spend all my time just "keeping up" that there is no time to do what I enjoy most. I know... whoa is me... little miss pity-party... I need to suck it up and get over it! Really!

If you have found the answer to keeping all the balls in the air... please share!

I will continue to march forward... onward & upward!

Some pics from our duck pond visit yesterday... I think this guy wanted to come home with us to sit by the fire.

Okay... so here's to a "look on the bright side" Monday! I'm off to divide & conquer!