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 of our Christmas.
Thank goodness EVERYONE made it! 
It was seriously a planes... trains... and automobiles... kind of show!

getting a TRUE taste of what it's like to LIVE where it SNOWS!


we had birthdays to celebrate... Todd & Toby on Christmas Eve!


the FIRST year that WE were the ones being woken up...
Campbell was up every hour from 3am on... asking grandma... "is it time yet?"
then we waited on the men to get up


the breakfast was "nibble on... finger tip" kind


the sun wasn't even up yet... but were eager & began our day at quarter of six


the dark outside made the tree's glow even more special


it was JUST right...


all their SMILES...


even THOSE faces


ALL their gifts... every single one of them... were a big HIT


the dinner table was set...


the candles were lit...


grandma & i were quite the team in the kitchen...


after a long day... THIS was enjoyed with THE best company EVER


we had to say goodbye to Toby...
the French Alps were calling his name for New Year's celebration!
Poor guy!

This Christmas has been VERY special!
Sure... the gifts have been GREAT...
the snow SO pretty...
the food... OH MY REAR...
BUT having family near is what makes it all so REAL... all so DEAR!
Like Todd said before our Christmas meal...
"Thank you Lord for your SON... the ultimate GIFT... the REASON for it ALL"...
because of HIM... and only HIM... we are truly BLESSED!

I hope your Christmas was deep down good for you too!

"I look so pretty mom"

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Little miss priss! One of her get-ups she put on yesterday. I love the fact that she is okay with going outside in shorts (pajama shorts)... there is fresh snow on the ground! Little sweet pea... I could use a bit of her "no shame" take on things!

I am happy... really happy to say that Campbell is doing much better this morning. Boy howdy... her fever peaked at 104.5 yesterday... that is always so scary! Thank you Lord... you helped her fight it off! Of course!

It's a fresh... new... "make it happen" kind of day! Yeah!

my early morning view...

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Good morning marvelous Monday!
Is there anything better than that first sip of coffee in the morning? No! Happiness is found in the details! Thank you Lord!
This tends to be my typical morning view. I sit down for a really quick "scoop" check from all my favorite gals & pals! It's perfect to give me a chance to get my eyes wide open & my body truly awake!

So... the girl's lunches are made and it's now time for me to get made... made somewhat decent for the day! I've got high expectations today! Good news will be in our "inbox"! I know it! Errands to run & projects to tackle! See you later! Make it a great day!