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is this really happening

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well... it looks like things are changing for the fox gang!

it's official... we're moving!
not exactly what we had in mind... not exactly what we had planned...
and certainly not WHERE we had hoped!

feeling sad and feeling blessed all at the same time!
we are moving to Wyoming!

right now it's just one step at a time...
first thing...getting our home ready to be listed this week!

i will be honest...
i am feeling quite overwhelmed at the moment...
i think it is just the THOUGHT of it ALL!
there is so much swirling through my head & MY HEART for that matter!

today is another full day of taking one thing at a time!
being a stubborn A type... i want everything to be perfect & planned out NOW!

so... here's to facing the day & ALL it's unknown!
being OKAY with just a little peek inside... and...
allowing things to fall as they should!