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"shutter sisters"


capturingcarissa fox19 Comments


so... my dilemma was to either DO IT or act like i didn't SEE it!
when i clicked over to see what the ever creative gals were up to...
a "tag you're it"... with a CATCH!
no primping... just sit down RIGHT NOW & take your picture!

even though i wanted to tweak the heck out of his picture...
add blush... take away the blemishes... the wrinkles...
change out of my gross workout clothes from THIS MORNING... do SOMETHING...
i reminded myself that i am embracing my authenticity...
and well... this is ME! 

now it's your turn!

1. sit down.
2. take a picture of yourself right now. don't primp, just snap one!
3. upload it.
4. tag 3 people to do the same. 

come on... don't act like you didn't see it... just DO IT!
embrace the FUN & YOU!




feeling, hopingcarissa fox21 Comments


i have been digging deep lately... pondering... wondering... praying!
i know that this time of year moves in with an instant NEED to purge...
start ANEW... look at things with a FRESH eye!
well... i have been looking at things with a fresh HEART too.

i want to make room for my dreams to GROW!
widen the fork in the road to a MERGE!

sometimes it is scary to take the leap!
to cut the dry away & allow the NEW to sprout!

how to KNOW whether the new sprouts will be as sweet... as savory...
as gratifying!

that's just the thing i suppose... if your feet never leave the ground...
you never take the leap!
you just have to jump!

is there anything you too would like to pull up... to make room for new?
do you have a pocket full of seeds that just needs to be tossed?