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wild time

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when we were in texas at my dad's we headed down the road a bit...
oh... about ten miles...
to the natural bridge wildlife ranch.

we were SO excited!
i am pretty sure i was just as giddy as the girls.

being able to feed them... see them up close... touch them for that matter.
we saw so many beautiful animals!
such a neat place... great adventure!

the zebras were a HOOT!
one of the stinkers grabbed a bag of food & proceeded to shake it empty in the car.
they would have climbed in the car if they could have... pretty certain.
we were laughing SO hard!

i ADORED this face!

and this stinker...
scared the living daylights out of me!
i barely got my window up in time.
tried to peck it's way through the glass... to possible EAT me.  ha!

after the ride through the ranch...
we grabbed the bags of grub and headed over to their petting zoo.

i was in love!
they were all so precious.
one did try to EAT my shirt but... we hugged & it was all good.

and then there was this cute one... taking a little siesta... zzzzzzz.

this one didn't believe the bag was empty.

we didn't want to leave.
it was all TOO fun.

next year... we'll go visit again.
and i REALLY might take little number 91 home with us.
you think they'd notice the crazy lady sneaking away with a goat?