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little flea

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well… it wasn’t exactly Canton… but it was still fun!

got up on saturday… grabbed a quick joe and headed to the flea.
teeny tiny flea it was.
oh my!
i actually don’t think i’ve ever been to one so small.

i made a quick run through… seeing what i could see…
hoping for some BIG items…
some neat furniture finds…
not this time.

but i did find a few things that i think will be neat!
a sifter for fresh flowers.

an old bucket… i love how you can still see the old label. 
she’ll be filled with many things i’m sure
from umbrellas to wrapping paper to plants.

i adore this red metal box… ADORE!
i have a THING for metal boxes… boxes… i love them!
they can hold all kinds of goodies… i think it’s just the IDEA of them though…
you never know what you might find INSIDE a box!

and then the most fun of all…
an old milking stool!
anyone have a cow or two i could borrow?

they played school with it this weekend… so funny… why not!
i think it will make a perfect little handy stepping stool for the kitchen!

i might not have found the the perfect furniture pieces…
but i think i found some perfectly FUN pieces!

i better be like a flea and get hopping!
here’s to Monday…
BIG week…
filled with BIG possibilities… BIG hopes… BIG leaps!

good crumbs

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and all that was left… a pile of crust!

doesn’t it feel that way sometimes!
after the whirlwind of school mornings!
kids up…
breakfast eaten…
teeth brushed…
lunches made…
kids dressed…
hair fixed…
you KNOW… you get the point…

rush out the door…
to get to school… late (we were tardy today… slip & all… oops)…
to get back home and face the crumbs!
good crumbs though… always find myself wondering how she’s doing
as i clean up the leftovers of the morning!
already missing her!

i think we’re still finding our way in getting with the swing of things…
this back to school thing!
all i know… the house sure is quiet with just one little chickadee around!

so with the hubby traveling four nights a week…
it has been a bit challenging getting all “moved in”… or settled… i should say.
you know those TWO person jobs… sure seems to be lots of THOSE…
also seems as though lately there is just NOT enough time to get it all done.
i am starting to understand why they say moving is such a major “life stress”!

there is just SO much to do…
between ordering window coverings… getting the landscaping rolling…
getting the fence installed… ordering furniture… on & on…
it FEELS really slow going!

we DID finally get the extra shelving in our closet…
shoes and such are finally OFF the floor!
can you see the smile on my face!  :)

little by little we’re getting there!



last week… this little chickadee & i ran by a home improvement store…
for a good ‘ol door!

found a REALLY heavy solid core door in their remnant area!

got out the paints…

painted… sanded… distressed… popped on some vintage hardware…

to make a headboard!

i think she turned out pretty good! 
JUST the pop of green AND fun i wanted!

today… loads to tackle… we have our first house guests coming to visit!
there is that smile on my face again!  :)

to mOndAy!
the start of a wonderful thing… i feel OODLES of GOOD surfacing this week…
don’t you?

bucket head

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oh the fun… when you receive a box with the little Red ShOes!

 IMG_3481  IMG_3483

i’m not sure who was more excited… me or the kiddos!

“are you kidding me!”
was exactly what i said when i pulled THIS out of the box!
CAN you be in love with a PILLOW?
i flipping LOVE this pillow!
i think i need more!

IMG_3492 IMG_3583
not positive yet what i’ll do with this way cool bucket bag…
because there are a million uses…
rolled up towels… books by the bed… carry all in the car… hobby room storage…
it was one of those “oh that is SO neat… so many possibilities”!
we had way too much fun… well that or we’re just a bunch of NUTS!

and then this galvanized pedestal… adore ALL things galvanized… ADORE!

should be fun coming up with neat ways to use it!  

my FLOR box came yesterday too!

i have been wanting to give this option a whirl for a LONG time!
considering getting a plush variety for our living room…
but thought i’d order something a lot smaller first…
for our entry… see what we thought!

 IMG_3538 IMG_3540
really like the heavy feel of the squares… very substantial… really sturdy!
this particular type i ordered is for high foot traffic… 
you can even rinse them clean under water…
love that idea!

NOTHING at all to the installation…
basically just deciding how you want then configured… stick & go!

giving the rug a roll… i think it passed the test!

before i go… a secret… i am STILL in my jammies… it’s after eleven!
what in the world am i thinking!
i think my body is trying to hang onto summer… the LAZY part of it at least!
enough of this…
i gotta roll too…
kick it into high gear!
i can imagine you’re just like me…
a TO DO list a million miles long… and only a few days to get it all done!
i can almost hear the school bell ring… :)!