brown eyed fox

"back to school"

beaming & steaming

blabbering, growingcarissa fox11 Comments

she was BEAMING from ear to ear…
all TOO ready to get BACK to school!
for her… it has been since we were in TX… WAY overdue!

wanting to remember all the small details…
she won’t always wear jeans with little embroidered flowers…

and her favorite color… pink shoes!

she is growing before my very eyes!
i really want to hunt for that magic bottle again…
store up some of that four year old goodness and never let it go! 

when i walked her in to drop her off… she didn’t even look back!
a kiss… a hug… she was outta there!
her zest & eagerness sure make me smile!
she is ALWAYS raring to go… take on whatever’s at hand… give it a go!
our lil bit may be small but she is mighty!
i pray she finds her way… makes her mark… and just has FUN!

so… after dropping her off… i came to discover…
while standing at the Target check out…
my debit card was no where to be found!

spent the morning scouring… searching… for that darn thing!
HOW does that happen?
HOW in the world did i LOSE it?

fast forward…
to no avail… i never found it… boooooo!
went to the bank… got it cancelled & ordered a new one!
in seven to ten days… when the new card arrives…
it begins… changing all the auto drafts i have to the new card.

so… i went back to Target with checkbook in hand!
i NEVER carry my check book!
what the heck for?
haven’t for MANY years… always use my debit.

fast forward me writing out my check…
and it is NOT ACCEPTED!
what?  huh?  what do you MEAN… it’s not accepted?
”well it’s our system… there is a number you can call on the back of that receipt”.
i get out of line and call RIGHT THERE!

fast forward…
”no ma’am we realize you HAVE money in the bank”…
”we see you are NOT a bad check writer”…
”but we look at HISTORY…
over the past year…
and you have no history…
you have not written a check in Target over the last year”

i know… i NEVER write checks!

”unfortunately… for your protection & others we use this system…
to prevent fraud & theft”

fast forward…
to the steam coming out of my EARS!

it made ABSOLUTELY no sense to me!
GOOD people are punished for all those BAD check writers!

there i was…
NO debit card…
NO credit cards… do NOT carry them… thank you LORD… we have NO DEBT…
and they won’t TAKE my check!

frustration was settling in my stomach!

fortunately my hubby is passing the area on his way out of town…
runs by with HIS debit card so i can make the darn purchase!

upon checking out i am informed of ALL the people this happens to!
did they cry in TOTAL frustration in their car too?

i have NEVER heard of such a thing! 
talk about a MAJOR flaw in their system!
in today’s day & time… MANY people do not write checks!

SO… fyi…
if YOU lose your debit card…
and go to a retailer that uses THIS system…
and you NEVER write checks…
and TRY to pay by check… 
be ready for a shocker!

i love my TARGET but THIS was just DUMB!

so… THIS morning…having just dropped off lil bit at school…
i plan on having a MUCH better day!
what can i cram in my next two “kid free” hours?

i’m off to cram LOTS in!

wishing you a production… lots of GOOD STUFF crammed in… kind a day… too!

officially in session!

capturing, growing, smilingcarissa fox7 Comments

school supplies… check!

quick peek in mirror… check!

backpack… check!

baby antelope coming by to wish her a happy day… check!

smile… check!

she is growing TOO fast… check!

but oh SO ready to take on the new year!
lots to learn… lots of fun to be had!

even though this is her third school in three years she faces it like a CHAMP!
i am SO proud of my girl!
SO proud!
she simply amazes me with her WILL…
her ZEST for life…
her EAGERNESS to jump right in!

she not only jumped in with BOTH feet this morning…
she jumped in wearing a big SMILE!

bring on the new school year!

and then there is this little turkey!
my side kick!
on MY laptop and my cell this morning… “excuuuuse me”!
mini me!

i pray i can get her in a preschool program SOON!
haven’t had much luck…
but just know there is a spot just for her somewhere special!

here’s to an awesome monday…
a day plump with all kinds of learning & lots of fun… check!