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still shining

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lil bit’s owl…

lil bit peeking over…

to see BIG sis’s owl!


a little coloring does a heart good!

yesterday being the first day of school… and my girl being the “new kid”…
can bring it’s own “challenges”… or little life lessons.

as many of you know… she had a disappointing day in the “friend” area!
crushing words for a mama to hear…
“no one played with me at school”!
when you are the new kid… it is only natural…
you can be over-looked those first few days!
all of the kids know each other…
have missed each other…
have lots of catching up to do!

even though we discussed this before the start of school…
it is still HARD!

these are such great life lessons!

today is a NEW day!
and my girl… my shining star… is up & ready to head back to school! 

even though i KNOW it will all work itself out sooner or later…
she’ll be beaming with funny friend moments in no time…
i STILL pray she feels “included” today!

so today…
as i set out to run about town…
there will be extra “hi! how are you” to strangers…
you NEVER know…
the shoes they are wearing…
after all… we all just want to feel included!  

strutting her stuff

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look at our gretel!
she is a super model… in the DOGGY world!

i was SO excited to receive this in our box yesterday!
one of those proud mommy moments… smiling ear to ear!

our little MiMi green model!

tickled to my toes to know they loved a shot of our little gal…
AND wanted to use it on some of their material!
how FUN is THAT!  VERY!
i think it turned out SO great!
don’t you think!

did you get a chance to go by MiMi green yet?
if you have a furry friend… boy or girl… FOR SURE take a peek!
such hip… fresh goodness for our four legged friends!
not to mention… she has the most awesome blog too!
you’ll want to add her to your list!

this was her yesterday… loving her new clip!

i hope all THIS doesn’t go to her head… she might just topple over!  :)



shine on

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LoViNg seeing little LEAVES on the trees... SO loving it !
the green is like a jolt of "FRESH" !

it awakens the senses...
like a tall glass of cool water when you are thirsty to the core!
awwwwwe !

you know as much as i love all the color that peeks out during Spring...
i think the canopy of green is what i look forward to most!
all those branches plump with growth... ready to play in their own shadow !

the sun is peeking out today too...
shining her light upon us & showing us the way !
i don't know about you but... i am so happy... grateful...
for her simple goodness right now !

wishing you a day full of bright light...
may it shine upon you too...
right where you need it most!