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within the walls

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back before the drywall went up we had a bit of marker fun.

adding a little color here & there... a blessing... a "thankful".
some were very intentional & thoughtful... meant for that space...
while others were off the cuff & very impromptu.

IMG_3006 IMG_2971
it was fun to see them put their own stamp...
record their take on things.
it was like seeing their little hearts speak.

IMG_3002IMG_2969 IMG_2981 IMG_2975 IMG_3004
without Him these walls wouldn't be standing.
every stud... every single wire & plug...
from the slab to the roof... all that pink & prickly insulating fluff.
all of it... was Him.

from where i'm sitting right now... this board is just to my left.
though i can't see it anymore... i know it's there.
like a nudge... a tap on my shoulder... a little reminder...
yes... "i will never leave you".

something so simple... yet fun for us to know...
all the gifts & blessings that live within these walls.

this & that... on my mind

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my emotions have been getting the best of me lately.
feeling a little torn again.
i think the enemy likes to get me all riled up.
make me doubt... feel insecure... make me wonder.
oh he's been trying.
doing all i know to keep busy... remain faithful... mindful.
finding my tongue in constant prayer...
which is helping me stifle out all that junk...
and helping me remember His promises.

i purchased ONE THOUSAND GIFTS yesterday for my ipad.
 when my friend cathy recommends something... i leap.
i started clicking the pages right way.
her words and her spirit... grabbed a hold of me immediately.
this book... no doubt... will leave me... and many... changed.
learning to embrace... see... notice life's moments... with new eyes.
i have been gathering as much as i can on the new home front.
to show the builder/designer.
inspiration... ideas... thoughts... adding to our "must have" list.
have you been to houzz?
oh my... how it's packed with great spaces & inspiration.
i started an ideabook...
bookmarking images that have details in them we are wanting.
thinking i will need to have a few...
so it can be by category... better organized but... for now it's a start.
i love that i can find something...
 like maybe an exterior/elevation i drool over...
door hardware i love...
or even just the awesome "feel" of a space...
and then forward it to todd in houston.
to see if we're on the same page.
see what he thinks.
we've been having lots of fun so far in our immature building stage.
it should be interesting... to say the least...
to see how we fit all our tastes/styles into one cohesive home.
riley brought this picture home from school yesterday...
placed it on the counter for me...
how did she know it was just what i needed.
little love... drew me a picture... and brought me such a smile.
she even put me in my boots!
my friend & the ever creative heather is up for the top 25 creative moms...
over at circle of moms.
talk about creative...
she is truly blessed with a knack for that!
she has a home packed with love & personality...
a precious family...
and a heart of gold.
would love you to join me in voting for her...
and if by chance you've not been by her site... run there now...
you'll see all her fun and why she deserves it!
 here's to wednesday yall...
and the great "we're almost over the hump" day it is!

honoring & remembering "buddy"

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Col. Wright was awarded the 3rd highest military award...
the Silver Star...
designated solely for heroism in combat.
as well as the Distinguished Flying Cross...
the Bronze Star...
a number of Air Medals...
the AF Commendation Medal...
and the Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal.
He was an Honorary Air Cav member...
as well as a proud Red River Valley Fighter Pilot (River Rats).

He earned full bird Colonel
with only a high school education
without any professional military schooling!

praying for and thinking about my step-mom (buddy was her daddy)
and the rest of the family... today...
as Buddy is given a full military honor service & burial
Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas.