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spring itch

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i think i felt i might have felt my first hint of an itch.

i am a lover of winter.... find the cold & all it's bundling up quite fun.
when i see it's on it's way out i want to grab on & hold tight.
silly i know... it'll be around again soon...
but it's like saying goodbye to a friend you know you won't see for a while.
sort of.
a friend is clearly a whole different level... clearly.
but... ya know what i mean.

well... the hubby was outside yesterday cleaning out our pool storage room...
where we keep all our garden pots & all things pool...
when it hit me...
"hey i'm liking the air out here".
as crazy as it sounds i'm convinced i could fEEL spring.
knocking... whispering... waiting right there at my heels.


as much as i love winter...
i love much of what spring brings too.
fish on the grill.
the smell of fresh cut grass.
buzzing bees.
the sun staying out longer so we can play.
fleshly painted toes.
ice cold cocktails.
arts & crafts outside.
pretty potted flowers.
all kinds of bright & fresh veggie salads.
sidewalk chalk doodles.
dinner on the patio.
rain drops. 
 sun on my face.

have you felt the itch?
what are YOU looking forward to this spring?

oh kiwi

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truth be told...
i sometimes pass up certain fruit in the produce area because
"they're too much work".

we love pineapple... buy it lots...
but often i'm quick to grab the handy dandy already cut for you pineapple.
same with cantaloupe.
we live on fruit over here...
apples... bananas... berries of all shapes & color... yadda.

life has been busy lately.
many days it's from one place to the next... with loads of driving in between.
hard to breathe sometimes.
i know you know... you're doing it too!

this brings me the kiwi...
it's one i tend to pass up... PLEASE carissa...
like it's "hard" to cut open or something.
in my mind i somehow... at some point... decided they were too time consuming.
and we LOVE kiwi!


life is nuts...
some days all we can do is grab that "apple" in the chaos...
but i was reminded this morning...
that little extra moment... to TAKE THE TIME...
and enjoy a little lovely kiwi... AND it's surprise inside...
SO worth it!

if we don't make ourselves pause...
take a bite (aka smell the roses)... and eNjOy... before we know it...
that "kiwi"... is out of season!

quiet... cozy... reflective

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ten years ago yesterday those toes were about to enter the world.
they were warm in my belly... when i fell to my knees in shock and sorrow.
seeing it all unfold live on tv.

with campbell feeling under the weather... having a cozy weekend in...
i found myself glued to all the stories on the tv once again.
amazing... sad... not even imaginable... life-altering... very inspiring... stories.

reflecting... remembering... praying for those families that lost so much.
the one thing that kept striking me... as i watched...
how truly amazing the human spirit is!
their determination... resilience... faith... their pride!

the girls wanted red toes... "like the flag mom"...
i was more than happy to pull out the brushes.
what a gift... to not only paint those same ten toes...
now in the world & all grown but...
a whole other precious set of ten too.

riley wanted to make a flag.
after making a cross with "love" in the middle...
she was determined to make her special piece just right!

i think she did!

and campbell's piece... she said "it's people helping people".
i don't think i could have come up with anything better.

i know it's hard for them to understand what happened on 9/11...
it's hard for anyone...
i just pray that they see the same spirit and strength...
and go out into the word doing just that...
BEing people helping people.