brown eyed fox


happy go lucky green

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a color i wish i could wear.
it makes me feel calm and comfortable to have it around.
i sure love spinach.
avocados too!
adore the smell of fresh cut green grass.
don't care for those green insects though.
hot green tea on a cold day... absolutely.
think chartreuse is my favorite shade.
and i sure love my cute irish friends!

what about you?
what are some of your favorite green things?

happy saint patricks day yall!

below zero & fuzzy yarn

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it's a tidge cold this morning... 16 below zero to be exact.
that's crazy!
crazy fun!
i think i love it!
of course...
being thankful for the roof over our heads... and the warm fire at our backs.
the temps will rise of course as the day marches on and the sun shines.

i wish i would have had more time yesterday to get out and explore.
it was gorgeous!
like a land of shiny sparkling crystal... everywhere.
 that fluffy shiny good kind.

i think my goddess gal was loving it too.
gave her hair a little extra sass!

hoping it sticks around.
i suppose with it being so cold... it should.
maybe we'll get lucky and get more sparkle too... some more flying snow!

i wrapped up the last of the gifts to be shipped yesterday.

and i have to say... it sure felt good to get them in the hands of ups!
they are on their way!

this year i pulled out some left over ribbon from last year.
that i so love.
i got lucky and came across some martha stewart ribbon... on sale!
like a really big sale!

something else i really love to use... good 'ol yarn!
i think it gives a cozy... classic feel.
the great thing... it comes in so many fun textures and colors...
and... you get lots of it on that ball too!
i really like the chunky fuzzy ones... they're like butter!
all fluffy and soft!

 apparently jack likes it too...
 the girls found him playing in the fluff.

 and do you
see that tree?
that peanut butter one?
i really like those!
those darn trees!
i'm thinking someone needs to come remove them from my home!
i am liking them a little too much!

so happy we have snow!
happy for the new day ahead.
SO happy and thankful...
for that sweet elf that came over & plowed our driveway AND sidewalk...
whoever you are... you ROCK!
happy for hot coffee.
happy my mama will be here in three days!
happy it's december.
SO happy it's friday.

wishing you a happy... warm & fuzzy... kind of day too!

stepping into the week.

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hey there!
good morning!

we've been having some incredible weather lately...
what they are calling "unseasonably warm temperatures".
well... how nice of the weather... thanks... we'll take it.

on saturday we decided to head up to the mountain for a picnic.
so... i pulled out the basket...
began cutting up some fresh fruit...
made some finger sandwiches...
baked some cookies...

no way... really... we ran by subway & headed up.
it was kind of chilly up there but... we found a sunny spot & it was perfect.

lil bit was all to eager to explore.
she could have spent all day up there.

at one point as she was marching along with her stick she said...
"awwwweee... now this is what wilderness is all about"!
so funny!
it IS pretty neat up there...
just fun to hear to how it makes her feel.
she was having quite the time.

now this... is me right before i decided to do something not so smart.
not sure if all of a sudden i thought i was a monkey but...
let's just say it started as a climb... 
and i'll let yall know how BIG the bruise becomes... okay!

there was so much to explore... 
we wanted to stay but one of us wanted to go...

hmm... wonder who that could have been.
bless her heart... she just wasn't in the adventure mood this time.

so we loaded up & headed back down... slowly... i couldn't get enough!
honestly... the aspens were just gorgeous!
they seemed to literally SING autumn.

and here we are again...
facing a new week.
a new path...
one we have yet to walk.

the week will unfold & time will certainly pass...
no matter how we may want it to slow...
time will pass...
there's just no stopping it.
i for one need a week of stepping firmly...
with some gusto...
some extra umph.
and i don't neccesarily mean in getting things done...
more in stepping firmly... with my heart.
really being aware of every step...
truly present with what's under foot & giving myself the time to embrace it!
listening better...
hugging longer...
singing louder...
trying harder.
stepping firmly... and embracing every precious moment.