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my whatever craft house stay

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to say it was a treat... i mean like the yummiest kind.
from the goodness kimberlee whipped up in the kitchen...
to the happy in my heart.

IMG_0185     IMG_0983

waking up in the whatever craft house...
was pretty much as surreal as i thought it might be.
kind of like walking onto the set of your favorite show.
you've seen it lots... many times... but this time you get to be IN it.

getting to be a helper i flew in thursday afternoon...
that way i'd be there & ready for friday. 
i got to hang with & get to know kimberlee & meg better.
they are a hoot!
fun to be with and comfortable to be around.
their beauty... what you see... it goes to the core.

IMG_5841IMG_5792 IMG_5842

i even got to play with stanley.

IMG_5795IMG_5818 IMG_5845IMG_5798IMG_5829 IMG_5809IMG_0209     IMG_0193Untitled     IMG_0214

all of the ladies were awesome...
truly neat!
i feel super blessed to have met each of them.
and really loved how they all embraced the fun... they leaped right in.
so neat to see.
neat to see meg & kimberlee shine too.
sharing their beautiful God given talents.
He gave them big portions.

IMG_5840 IMG_5886

the house... oh the house... what is it about an old home?
they speak to you.
share their soul.
i was listening. 

IMG_5847Untitled IMG_5892

the cherry on top...
i got to help along side Jess!
i've adored & admired her from a far for sO long.
her spirit... her heart... her pretty style.
the adoration... well... it just got bigger. 


so many little parts & pieces i'll remember.
all so special.
a gift... i was so lucky to get to open.

365... 2011

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with us moving...
our surroundings being packed & stowed away...
really... just all the unknown...
i knew this year's 365 was going to be a tough one...
but in my utter stubbornness...
i just couldn't let it go!
the previous year had been too much fun... i had to at least give it a try.

it has holes... quite a few... missing days here & there.
i did my best... completed the days i could... the ones i had.
it's by no means perfect... but it sure reflects our year... our life for that matter.
far from perfect... and hey... that's Okay.
i'm glad i tried.

funny... somehow the photos from lAsT january... feel like just yesterday!
i feel like i was just shoveling that snow.
i miss that.
that's sounds nuts... i do though!

this has been quite a year.
we thought it would go this way... and it went thAt way!

when i look back on all the pics...
i am struck again at how things move.
how fast the girls grow.
how much we've done... faced... accomplished.
how every... single... day... is... a... gift!

i treasure the memories...
glad i was able to capture a bit...
and look forward to all the new moments & memories ahead!

although it is itching me... like crazy... crAzY... to do the 365 again...
this year i'll be capturing a lil something else.
more on that really soon!

for now... i think i might take one more peek at that video.
wow that was fast!
which btw... all those pics are right over there... in the sidebar...

just in case you wanted to see them not so fast.  :O)

team up... thursday

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{ lights }
{ lights }

one of my favorite things... times of day...
is when i get to turn on a few lamp lights.
i've mentioned it before... think i even did a post about it... on how i love that glow!

that warm cast of cozy.
kiss of calm.
those shadows!

i especially love the capture jenn got this week for team up.
that light coursing through there.
so neat!

hoping your day is all aglow... shining bright... JUST like you like!