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mustard stencil wall

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So the last wall I posted about was an all willy-nilly free for all...
this wall was a bit more thought out... a wee bit more structured.
We actually did it last summer........ umm... how is that?
It feels like it was just last month.
It's almost summer again!
And to think we're STILL pulling the space together!

We were wanting pattern for the wall... knowing it needed something.
Considered stripes... but with stripes on her rug... nope...
so when we saw their cute stencil shop... here...... well... we jumped.

After pondering the color we wanted to use...
as this daughter of mine has a crazy love of switching out her bed pillows ALL THE TIME.
She'll grab them from another bed... from the linen closet... a sofa... chair.
She likes to refresh things often.
I have NO idea WHERE she gets it?!
mustard seemed a fun fit.
Why not.
Quite a high contrast... pretty bold actually... with her black bed... but we thought it might be fun.
Oh... it's bold alright.

We're still wanting to add in more touches of white throughout... she likes white a lot.
Plus I think it'll help neutralize the color & contrast some too.
That and art for the wall.
Art needed for sure!
Love the background... now just need to add some fun art on top.

I'm was trying to remember... but I do think this was my first go at using a wall stencil.
My personal experience was a combination of
"oh my gosh I'm totally screwing this up... this is hard"
"I'm reaaaally loving this"!

The stencil itself was awesome!
Large (loved that) and good quality... I just need more practice.

The thing I find crazzzzzy good... I'm nutty when it comes to clean lines.
So this was a challenge... and that's putting it VERY lightly.
In the end...
It is sooooo not perfect.
The mustard bled though here and there... giving way to soft imperfect little plus symbols.
And really... you know OVERALL... I think it still looks good!

This was such a cool project in hanging on... keeping on... and waiting to see.
It took us about half a day to do this 12' x 10' wall.
One stencil...
small paint tray...
dense foam roller...
painters tape...
spray adhesive (which i'm not too sure if I'd use again)
and one quart of paint.
Very simple supplies... for big return I say.
And it was a fun try something new afternoon adventure.

Have you tried stenciling?
What'd you think?
Would you go for it again?