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our home's floor plan

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Wish I could have you over for coffee... tea... a little vino... show you in person.

I've had some sweet friends over at instagram ask about our home's layout.
Though it's not exactly a pretty rendition... I've attached our floor plan below for you to take a peek.

Give me a magazine full of floor plans and I could be entertained for hours!
WHAT is it about looking at those?
I love it!

Our goal was to build how we would live...
and since we kind of live loud... and like to be together... we went open.

We had the footprint of the lot to work with and there was no wiggle room.
My hubby was so great in drawing up our ideal layout before we met with the designer.
Other than a few tweaks... the hubs did great!

We played with the fireplace location a bit... but in the end I loved the idea of it being a floater.
Right smack in between our dining and living room (labeled great room).
Giving a bit of a division... but still leaving it open.
I have a crazy love for mid century ranch homes... OH MY DREAM...
so that fireplace being there was a sweet nod to that love.

Since we embrace casual with both arms we decided to forgo a "formal" dining room...
and went with one large gathering table.
There are times homework is happening on one end and we can still gather and eat on the other.

I love while I'm in the kitchen I can not only watch the kids out in front... 
but when they're splashing away outside in the back too.

I love the pocket door from our master closet into the laundry!

I love the light that flows in on a sunny day.

I love the big "come over here and talk to me while I cook" island.

I love our pool storage room... for those wild & crazy pool floats!

The back patio.

Oh... and that pig... on the front porch... he's become a funny fixture...
having moved with us from texas... to colorado... to wyoming... back to texas.
I can't seem to shake him.

Goodness... there really are many details I could go over.
So many things we like.
We tried our best to think and remember the big picture.
Trying to build some of the rooms as flex space... so the next family can use the rooms how they want.

We would have loved everything on one level... but again... the lot...
so we put our guest and what was originally going to be an unfinished storage room...
now our workout room... upstairs.
And it works out great!

All in all... we're tickled.
It was neat to see it go from thoughts... to paper... to walking in the front door.
This home is a gift... and getting to share life in it together... so cool!

I look forward to sharing more of the parts & pieces inside too.

I'd really love for you to come back tomorrow...
see our family room (labeled game room)... I'll be sharing some of that space tomorrow!