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dark or light grout

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Would-a... could-a... should-a.
When it came to the grout in our kitchen I can remember like it was yesterday the tile guy looking at me with "that look"... and saying "oh you don't want to do that".
I had planned on going darker with the grout...
really wanted to raise the volume a bit on the contrast there.
Nothing super wild... but allow the tile to show off a bit... you know?
Had seen so many pretty spaces with bold grout... they always seemed to catch my eye.

Are you a high contrast lover... like a darker grout line?
Or do you prefer the more subtle tone on tone look?

Clearly I let him talk me out of it.
One thing's for sure...
even though I've seen some crazy knock my socks off tile lately...
I still adore subway tile!
What is it about something so super simple... so cost effective... that can be so cool?!
It just is!

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to kitchen backsplash.
I could get sucked in for days.
Wait... I think I did once.

I'm still super pleased we went the subway route...
feel it will grow with my picky and crazy desire to refresh things often.
Being a good classic base.
I do sometimes wonder what if we'd gone dark with the grout... oh man... but you know... 
the longer we're in this house (think we hit a new record)...
the more it grows on me.
I think it's all part of slapping your arms around the home you're in.
Right now.
Loving the gifts and slab underfoot.
Living it up where you are!
I think Melissa's book is rubbing off on me. :)

Truly... I do think it all worked out as it should.
Looking at the house as a whole... I think it's a great fit... and a good match to our family.

Don't even get me started on open shelving though.
Now that...... I should-a.