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refreshing the great room

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It never fails... the time change of Spring rolls in and I feel the need to shift & sift.
Pulling everything out... letting the room breathe...
and really I think just letting me see the space with a fresh set of eyes.
You know what I mean right?
Do you do this too?

I tried a couple different layouts in here...
moving and shifting sofa & chairs all around...
but as usual... it went back to the way I originally had it.
Seems... with everything considered... it's the best for us.
Which again is perfectly fine... it's that fresh feeling I get from just playing & seeing.
I have to say... it makes me oh so happy!
My hubby... and the girls... think I'm flat out nuts... but by now they're used to it.

I did sift out the sofa table... I can't explain exactly what it is about it...
but in this room it's just not a great fit.
I for sure need something behind the sofa...
and found almost the perfect table... love it... BUT darn it... it's just too deep.
Needs to be quite narrow........ and long... to pair well with the sofa.
Will have to see how that pans out.
I did LOVE having lamps on the table right behind the sofa... really missed that this morning...
with the "helloooo what feels like waking in the middle of the night" time adjustment.
Maybe even floor lamps on either side of a narrow console?
Might be a fun option.

The area still needs layering... to be cozied up for sure... but I'm loving this refresh time.

Some of the sifted STILL waiting patiently (yep still there) to be redirected or given their papers.

The photo on the left is just out of site... it's the seating in front of the fireplace...
but there was something about the color in this photo that gave me pause...
and strangely...  inspiration.
Funny how that works.
Just stuck the bowl there as a handy spot... and the mix of texture and pattern was like POW.
A neat surprise... and a welcome surprise I'll take.
Love it when that happens.

Oh... and I'm also trying out the clock... that's been in the art room... up on the mantel.
Why not.
I figure it's a good time to try.  :)
You never know.... shift some things around... maybe sift out a few.
That piece might be just the thing you need to freshen up another room in your home.
Try it!