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spring itch

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i think i felt i might have felt my first hint of an itch.

i am a lover of winter.... find the cold & all it's bundling up quite fun.
when i see it's on it's way out i want to grab on & hold tight.
silly i know... it'll be around again soon...
but it's like saying goodbye to a friend you know you won't see for a while.
sort of.
a friend is clearly a whole different level... clearly.
but... ya know what i mean.

well... the hubby was outside yesterday cleaning out our pool storage room...
where we keep all our garden pots & all things pool...
when it hit me...
"hey i'm liking the air out here".
as crazy as it sounds i'm convinced i could fEEL spring.
knocking... whispering... waiting right there at my heels.


as much as i love winter...
i love much of what spring brings too.
fish on the grill.
the smell of fresh cut grass.
buzzing bees.
the sun staying out longer so we can play.
fleshly painted toes.
ice cold cocktails.
arts & crafts outside.
pretty potted flowers.
all kinds of bright & fresh veggie salads.
sidewalk chalk doodles.
dinner on the patio.
rain drops. 
 sun on my face.

have you felt the itch?
what are YOU looking forward to this spring?