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when we were in the building phase...
i hopped between many different "under the stairs" options...
kind of made myself nuts actually...
but in the end it boiled down to needing the space and storage in the art room.

we really wanted a one story... but our lot wouldn't have it... too small.
we did manage to put all of our everyday living on the main level though.
with exercise (or flex room) and the guest suite upstairs.
my point was... we had to have stairs.

having made the area... under the stairs... a closet...
the doorway... being under the stairs and all...
had to be shorter than the eight foot doors in the rest of house.
well... it stuck out like a sore thumb... my hubby says i'm nuts... but it did!  :)

plus... the door seemed to intrude upon the space too.
so... we took the door off it's hidges and i headed to the local building supplier.


they had an eight foot hollow core for a deal!
imagine though... any door would be great.
salvaged... oh... one with glass if behind it is pretty... even tall shutters.

the hubs & i headed to the home improvement...
where we grabbed the galvanized pipe... fittings... and casters.

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sanded it down and gave it a couple coats of chalkboard paint.
leaving the edge the bare wood... but i just loved the way it looked.
you could leave it bare... cover in cork... paint it a cool pattern.
endless options.

two casters on the door's bottom...
two large eye bolts at the top.
we threaded the pipe through...
then mounted the flanges to elbows (we used 1/2 inch)...
then to pipe...
then to the wall studs.

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so now... we just push/slide/roll... the door aside to get to the supplies inside.
no more little sore thumb door.
just a big chalkboard door... in your face.  :)

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i say... more fun though.
sometimes she wears words... simple doodles... just random thoughts.
why not?!

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i knew i had to give it a try... see.
sometimes you go into projects or changes and have no idea the outcome.
but if you don't try... you'll never know.
the trying part... it's awfully fun too.
do you have a change you've been dying to make...
tweak something...
a sore thumb of some shape or form?

why not just try something?