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had to have it... tuesday

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today i'm sharing something we lOvE to have in our home.
i have a tendancy... if i see one... i fEEL like i have to have it.


you can find them on our beds... curl up chairs... sofas...
and in a big basket under the sofa table.
the girls use them to make big tents.
they're just the right amount of snuggle for a cat nap.
the doggies even think they're mighty comfy.
an impromtu spa day.
you name it.
they're fun to have around.

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i get lots of questions about them too.
i think it's their fun color... they love getting attention.  :)

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they're cotton kantha throws.
made from old/vintage/discarded sari dresses.

they have been becoming more & more popular it seems...
easier to find.
the thing is...
IF you see one you like... in a store or online... you REALLY love it...
it's usually a situation you've got to grab i then...
it will be gone really soon.

i have actually gotten lucky and found two at tuesday morning!
yep... there!

some places to check... maybe get on their mailing lists... for this & other fun...
one king's lane...
joss & main.
and there are oodles of other sources & shops online.
all you have to do is search "kantha".

i prefer the ones that have minimal stitching... just a personal preference...
they are lighter... and we live in texas.
having said that...
i haven't met one i didn't like.  :)

each one is unique & special.
have their own look.
maybe that's what i love about them.
sometimes they'll even have patches where they were worn & loved.
not a mole... a beauty mark....... for sure. 

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and if someone should happen to climb all over one... all muddy...
i've had no problem washing on cold & tumbling on low/cool a bit.
i can't guarantee this... but i've had no problems what so ever.
i like to wash things when they enter the home anyway.


and if you're like me... think kantha throws are fun...
they're making bags... pillows... scarves..... yadda.
lots of good & pretty repurposing going on.
i'm a fan!