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i hear your belly stirring

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this last weekend lil bit was in the ACSI district math competition.
being our first year... as she's a third grader... this was all new to us.
new... yet fun getting to see her shine.

the morning of she was a bit nervous... but not overly...
and much less than i expected.
with her number two pencils in hand...
and her tummy satisfied with her requested chick-fil-a minis...
she was all set.

 once she was done testing...
we were dismissed for lunch & told what time we could return for awards.
to be perfectly honest... i truly hadn't thought this far.

skip forward to the moment they announce her grades top testers...
and when they're finished... her name wasn't one of them.
it's crushing.
and there's no way around it.
especially when you see her precious shoulders ever so slightly slump.
suddenly there's that big lump in your throat.
you know what i mean...
that heavy "oh gosh this really hurts" disappointment.
for her!
at that moment there's not much you can say.

we put our arms around her & continued clapping for those that did place.
loved seeing so many from our school that did!
it was pretty neat.

"i don't think i want to do this again next year"... she says
as we're walking to the car.

oh hon.
"do you know how proud we are of you?!"
"how so very proud?!"
"look where we are today... how far you've come!"

God doesn't want us to hurt... feel disappointment...
but no doubt in His plan... the big picture... in life... there will be plenty.
we're going to have it.

we can not allow set backs... road blocks...
really what i think are life's stepping stones...
to stop us though.
hold us back from exercising our talents... our knacks & gifts.

like i told riley...
i certainly wouldn't make her do it again if she decides against it.
all the while knowing in my heart... this lil bit has too much vigor in her to not.

could she have placed?
i know she's capable.
but for whatever reason... it was not her time.
and that's ok!

will it be another math competition?
i don't know.
but what i do know...
when we go through challenges... even like this little bitty math deal...
it's all a part.
a piece of what makes us go... do... be.
try again!

He's warming us up.
building us.
showing us our strength.

we talked some more on the way home.
about "falling" & getting back up again...
the victory & awesomeness of making it to that day...
and we sang to the song happy... gosh we love that song!
i know she was disappointed... but i do think she gets... as well as she can at nine...
she's already a winner... big to us!
hope so!
and i think too it will stir something in her belly.
belly stirring... that's good.

ya know... we can learn a lot from what we tell our children.
for sure.
i've had some disappointment myself lately... you?
some closed doors...
some i closed on my own foolishly...
and i'm not going to lie...
it stinks.

but then there's that belly stirring.
that's His plan...... working.
the next door unlocking.
that next math compitition maybe.
a new... fresh idea.
a crazy opportunity out of the blue.
you just never know.

we're not going to get a "medal" every time...
be "that" winner...
the one "up on the poduim"...
that would surely take away the fun.
but we keep plugging away...
try harder next time...
scope out a new path...
and before you know it... that stir in our belly becomes something really cool.