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Carissa Fox 11_6_2013_049

though we have so many good ones... thought i'd better just share a few.
i could go nuts.
back in november... we were again lucky enough to snatch a spot with blue lily.
getting to see wendy again was so fun!
i tell ya... she has quite the knack for making you feel at ease.
just like walking along... chatting it up with a friend.

Carissa Fox 11_6_2013_174 Carissa Fox 11_6_2013_228

such a treat...
a gift...
to have these snaps in time.
with the girls growing... at what feels... the speed of light...
these are treasures for my heart.
etched in my memory.

 Carissa Fox 11_6_2013_203

yep... speed of light!

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i have so many dreams for us this new year.
for these precious girls.

don't know how it'll all unfold... His plan for us.
the paths... the detours.
it's pretty exciting though...
knowing we're all on this adventure... getting to figure it all out... together.

Carissa Fox 11_6_2013_103
thankful for tomorow... and so thankful for us.