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when it came time to to pick the color for these doors...
i thought one direction... then another... then...
i decided to just go for it.
it was the push i needed.

i had been dreaming of adding bits of orange throughout the new house...
and well... i'd say i leaped with these.

when it comes to paint...
there are a mind boggling amount of choices.
sO many.
truly terrific ones too.
i think you finally just chOOse.

if down the road you decide you are not in "that mood" anymore...
your tastes change... and Lord knows they do...
you can paint it something new.
easy enough.
paint is sO forgiving... and really... sO fun! 

Untitled Untitled

we have thrown around a bunch of names for the room behind those slider doors.
orange room...
art room...
basically... it's a space the girls enjoy quite a lot.
they draw in there.
i'm really looking forward to spending more & more time in there myself. 
playing... planning... creating...... letting things become.
feel so lucky to have such a space...
hubby making sure it was part of our plans... for my creative juices.


our den/family room is just outside the space.
where we play games... watch movies... retreat.
i like how it's basically one big room really...
but we can shut those doors and close it off a bit... or just hide the mess!

Untitled Untitled

the trim carpenter built them from my rough drawing...
and they pretty much came out just as i hoped.
did consider having them mimic our interior doors... but then... eh...
why not have a bit more fun with them.

i like their casual and yet proud look.
how they like the attention they get... but are graciously thankful.
good grief carissa... they're doors!  


i have lots more to share inside the space... in another post...
but i'll say that table in there...
has been with us since ohio... to kentucky... texas... colorado... wyoming...
and now back to texas.
crazy to think about that.
she's the perfect fit in there...
letting us spill... spatter & play on her without a fuss.
she's the best.

Untitled UntitledUntitled

i had a feeling way back in the planning stages of this casa...
these would bring me grins...
they've not failed me... they truly do just that.

thanks so much for letting me share... y'all are the best.
and i mean that!

sources / where i found it / who made it

the doors - built custom
door's paint - BM calypso orange
wall color - BM classic gray
slider/barn door hardware - rustica hardware 
computer armoire - custom (source no longer building them)
the clock - pottery barn (years ago)
the wings - antique farmhouse
the "legs"/vintage stocking stretchers... ebay
metal/wood shelving - sundance (years ago though)
stools - school outfitters 
pendant - barn light electric
cool dude hanging out on shelving - red shoes

and by all means... if you see something i'm missing...
or are just curious...
just holler... i'll be sure to add it.