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i needed something for the front door.
and pretty fast... valentine's day is at our heels.

looked through my over stuffed & neglected closet of materials...
to see what i had.

a roll of metal screen
(yes the kind used for window screening...
used it lots before in art for texture & fun).
wooden dowels.
snips or heavy duty scissors.
floral wire.
dremel (or like).


this roll was aluminum and 3 ft x 7 ft.
i just folded it triple... bringing the 7 ft in/down.
and then folded it once more the other way...
bringing it down to approx. 18 x 28 inches.

nothing perfect... just keeping the layers as square as possible.


this is where i remembered how pokey that screen is!

grabbed the snips and cut out an eye-balled heart.
again... nothing perfect... the layers shift as you cut...
just a heart of any shape & size.

Untitled Untitled

then just randomly threaded the wire through all six layers.
i did large sections... it was fast... all around the heart's edge.
thread a needle with some twine... instead of wire... would be cute too.

i think it would be sO pretty white... but i went for the lipstick.
just for fun.
and let me tell you... that paint was so old it came out like lipstick. 


i love how when you slap on the paint it clogs in some areas.

and i mean slap.
just brushing it on any which way.
that's the fun & for sure forgiving part. 

Untitled Untitled

though a miter saw is on my wish list... :)... imagine how fast...
i used good 'ol elbow grease...
and cut the 36 inch dowel into eight equal pieces with a hand saw.
super easy still!

drilled pilot holes so the wood wouldn't spilt...
tucked the arrow through... and then screwed on the arrows "head" & "tail".

of cOuRse there are sO many ways this arrow could be made...
thought of a few more mid stream... :)... (there's always next year)...
but this was oh sO easy... way...
and i love it's playful... very casual... and simple assemblage. 


threaded a long doubled piece of same floral wire though the top...
and yay... a little piece of happy for the front door.


ok... the front door's ready... nOw... what in the world do i get my hubby?!