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had to have it... tuesday

had to have it tuesdaycarissa fox7 Comments


a little different "had to have it" today... but it seemed a fit.

lil bit has been in need of new tennies for some time.
my goodness... their feet grow so fast...
the sheer pace can be mind boggling!

well... yesterday the timing was just right...
we set out to see what we might find.

i'll say... i can be such a stomper of fun...
when it comes to some of the styles & color choices out there.
they are quite unique.
i set that aside and let her go for it.
she saw these on the shelf... in all their blueberry & hot pink glory.
put them on... bounced around like a little jumping bean.
"oh these feels good".... she said... "they feel like walking on a cloud"!
this is where i might have said...
"do you want to look some more... see if maybe we might see something else"?
"ok... let's get them"... she lit up like a firecracker!
wish you could have seen her little sparkly face.
"really... really?"

hOw could i nOt say yes! 

Untitled Untitled

we were barely in the back door... and she was donning those blueberries!

and i really went nuts... not only tennies... but those crazy nike elite socks!
are your kids into those too?!
what goes out... always comes back in again doesn't it?

 she's the one with new tennies...
but i think i'm the one that got the biggest treat.
seeing her color... her spark & personality scoot around out there...
 pure joy for my heart.


i love what she picked... that when she saw them... she knew they were the ones.

it's the colorful little things that make the heart sing isn't it?!