brown eyed fox

wait... how do i do this?

carissa fox17 Comments


it took me forever to figure out... remember... hOw to even post!
and i'm nOt kidding.

i could blah blah blah this post up...
with countless stories why i abandoned something i love...
but instead i'll just take it a step at a time.
the blah blah blah will come.

we're in the house.
settling in... some of us... ie gretel... have been getting down right cozy.

i've been trying to keep up with & recently uploaded my daily snaps...
right over there in the 365 link.
i will say... there are many days the iphone clicks are it...
the big camera just didn't make it to my hand.
i say... iphone pics... why not!
they capture the moments...
often times better than the delay of grasping for the camera anywho.

i have sO much to share!
reaLLy looking forward to it.