brown eyed fox

within the walls

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back before the drywall went up we had a bit of marker fun.

adding a little color here & there... a blessing... a "thankful".
some were very intentional & thoughtful... meant for that space...
while others were off the cuff & very impromptu.

IMG_3006 IMG_2971
it was fun to see them put their own stamp...
record their take on things.
it was like seeing their little hearts speak.

IMG_3002IMG_2969 IMG_2981 IMG_2975 IMG_3004
without Him these walls wouldn't be standing.
every stud... every single wire & plug...
from the slab to the roof... all that pink & prickly insulating fluff.
all of it... was Him.

from where i'm sitting right now... this board is just to my left.
though i can't see it anymore... i know it's there.
like a nudge... a tap on my shoulder... a little reminder...
yes... "i will never leave you".

something so simple... yet fun for us to know...
all the gifts & blessings that live within these walls.