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some wire... a frame... a big thankful

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When i received the email from Kit Selzer... editor with Better Homes & Gardens...
i actually forwarded the message to my mom & sister...
to make sure it was for real.
i did.
I was simply tickled!
She had seen my "thankfuls" board i did a few years back... liked the idea...
and wanted to feature it on their "i did it" page.
They were so kind... so nice and encouraging.
Woud i like to share the idea?
Of course!

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On the day of the shoot...
I really had no idea what to expect...
as in... would I faint from the shock & excitement... :).
Thank goodness my sweet cousin headed over for moral support.

I had the pleasure of meeting Edmund Barr...
hello amazing photog!
And designer Jenny O'Conner...
I've drooled many a time over her beautiful designs.
They not only made me feel totaling comfortable...
but they are FUN!
Edmund at one point had Gretel... our yorkie... sitting on the table next to me.
We laughed... because she just sat there... loving every minute of it. 
I had a ball.
For me... i must be honest... it was like a dream come true.
A tangible "thankful" i could feel in my grateful belly.


Have y'all seen the November issue yet?
i think i said this before... but it IS packed with lots of goodness.
I get such a kick out of seeing the amazing homes they feature each month.
Inspiration you can dog-ear for days.

Today... over at the Better Homes & Gardens style spotters blog...
I'm sharing the board... and a couple other ideas & uses.
I would love it if you'd stop by over there too!!!
Say "hi" if you want... or just peek through their lovely blog.

Untitled Untitled

There are loads of uses really... for that wire & frame board.
All that awsome artwork your kids create...
the art YOU create.

Untitled Untitled

A spot for those inspirational bits & clips...
all your to do's/reminders...
your busy monthly calendar.

Untitled Untitled

I love that you can even bypass on the clips if you want...
and just wedge in your favorite photos.


And call me crazy... but i think the board is fun to add a bit of texture...
just about anywhere.

If y'all would want a little more detail in the "how to"... let me know...
i'd be happy to do a step by step.
Promise it's easy peasy.
I think I'll be pulling out that wire again soon anyway ... :).

I'd love to hear... would you ever make one?
Where might you use it?

Thanks y'all!
For stopping by... letting me share... always being sO gReAt!