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playing judge

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"well... he was like a box of rocks".
i thought.
i said.
out loud.

if you were to ask me what one of the biggest things i want to teach my children?
a biggy for me...
something i want them to always REMIND themselves...
to be an example in doing?
it would be... to NOT judge.

this topic goes deep & reaches far for me.
for many of us.
on many levels...
and really the conversation of judging could go on & on...
but in it's simplest form i say we're better off...
when we leave that judging alone.

we walk through our daily lives encountering so many people.
certainly... some days... more than others.
good friends.
perfect strangers.

it is impossible for us to know... even if we THINK we know...
no matter HOW well we know him/her...
what that person is handling that day.
dealing with.
been battling.
the rough morning they had.
what kind of shoes they're wearing.

that man in the parking lot that never seems to grin.
the lady you hear lose her temper with her child in the aisle at the grocery.
that email that was never returned.
he was awfully short with me.
mom "she wasn't very nice to me today".

it's not our place... our job... to figure out... read into.
thank goodness!
were they not so nice?
could they smile?
could they have responded already?
and... maybe not.

i'm far from perfect... far... oh my word...
i called the man in the drive-thru a box of rocks!
i hate when i feel myself judging though... like i have a right.
it's like a big 'ol mirror pointing right back at me.

we are all SO different.
have much going on at any given time.
why even make room for that thought?
let it take root?

you may not agree with everything someone says...
the way they dress...
conduct their affairs...
that's ok... YOU do the right thing.

certainly... this goes without saying...
this doesn't mean we shy away from helping someone in need... reaching out.
we do... should... that's the good stuff.

i just firmly believe... the shoes that person is wearing...
 we don't know the miles... the load... the reason.
keep smiling...
stay in your shoes...
don't judge.
remember this boat goes both ways.