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color in the clouds

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we've been getting lots of rain lately...
tHaNk yOu Lord...
today it's been falling again... making for a cloudy day.

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i love a good rainy day...
especially when i get to curl up & enjoy.
honestly... isn't it the best?
the cozy it brings? 

not curling up today...
too much on the agenda (darn)...
but one thing that struck me as i ran back by the house...
was how much i love the bits of color peeking through the glass over there.

it some how feels more noticeable on a cloudy day.

not sure why that is... but i'll take it.

Untitled Untitled
my granmama's yellow bowl...
the green scale...
simple... silly... they're just things sitting on a shelf for goodness sake...
but they sure make me smile. 

color does that.
it catches my attention... draws me in... brings happy when skies are gray.

hoping your wednesday has you grinning a bit too.
we're almost over that hump.  :)