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had to have it... tuesday

had to have it tuesdaycarissa fox12 Comments

i have a thing for TOMS.
love their shoes.
my girls do too.
reaLLy love their movement!

i have a thing for burlap... it somehow "feels" like my style.
and i also have a thing for ballet flats.
wear them lots.
almOst as much as my boots.

when i saw TOMS was going to be adding a new style to their collection...
a ballet flat at that...
i nearly fell out of my chair!

then to go to their site and see it's coming in a burlap variety!
ummmm... it was like music...
the really funky kind...
to my ears.


the box arrived today!
and they're even prettier in person!
cauuuuuuute... is all i have to say.

they're uber comfy.
packed with personality.
and i think they're the perfect amount amount of hip.

i mean... lOOk at that burlap!

confident these will quickly become a favorite!
my go to pair!

so... do you have a pair of TOMS?
love them too?
which are your favorite?

before i shoo...
thought i'd let you know... next week's "had to have it"...
oh my!
something i had never heard of before... sO glad i did... can't wait to share.
there will be a drAwiNg!