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thought i'd share a few from our session with wendy...
aka one half of the awesome blue lily.

we totally lucked out!
christmas was fast approaching and i had nothing.
i mean nada!
when i clicked over by chance to see their schedule... what?...
they're coming here.
with only one slot left... we jumped in it!


so glad we did.
we had so much fun!
after the session... and during... i was left thinking several things.

wendy is so comfortable behind the camera...
she sure makes you feel comfortable... at ease... no doubt has a serious gift...
and... i want her hair!
we need to do this more often.
i'm embarrased to say... though i take lots of snapshots of the girls...
we've only had a couple actual family sessions... and that was forever ago.
they were wee babies.
that's rediculous.
as much as i'm crazy about the joy photos bring... it's now a must!
with all the change/upheavel we've had over the last year...
all this crazy "unsettled"...
we've had each other... and bottom line... that's what really matters.
it'll be neat to look back at these... "that was when... ".
the setting... i couldn't believe it when we arrived...
it looked like a page straight out of a book.
those trees!!!
if i remember correctly... the humidity was at about 80% that day.
once done... we drove straight to orange leaf!
what a fun afternoon.


i love how these capture their individual personalities so well.

if you look in the back... see the cat?
she was funny... lives on the property... and really wanted to make print.
i think it's cute.

btw... fyi... blue lily travels.
just about eVeRywHeRe.
it's amazing really!
they are all over the place.
if you've by some crazy chance never heard of wendy & tyler...
make sure to jump over here...
check out their schedule...
they might just be coming to your neck of the woods.
besides you'll be in awe of the beauty they capture... and they're a hOOt!