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progress and a peel

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we've had lots of rain lately.
crazy droughts all over texas... and now... it seems like it rains every other day.
the earth needs though no doubt.
good thing the builder has been great at squeezing in progress on those dry days.

i think i last shared when they cleared some trees from the lot.
we now have a slab and the framing has started!


it was a big day... at least it felt like that to me... when the cement trucks rolled in.
i think i could have stayed there all day and watched... really!
 it was like all that wait... all those delays... were about to be squashed.
bye bye.

walking on the slab...
it looked tiny... "how in the world is this right"?
of course it is.
such an odd perspective though... how your eyes see it.
it felt awesome!

after school yesterday we got to walk through some of the rooms.
she was all smiles... "so my bed will be here?".

and i kid you not...
in the garage... this caught our eye.
part of a clementine... a peel discarded by a worker.
i can imagine... if they even noticed...
they must have thought i was nuts... taking a darn picture of a fruit peel!
when i see a symbol of hope... no matter the matter... it's just that...
a little token.
what some would say... silly... i say... it's a gift of fun... a nod of hope.
i love those kind of surprises!

and this morning...
it's raining.
oh boy.
gonna remember that silly fruit remnent... it's all good.
it's going to happen.
in the end...
we'll have a bowl fiLLed with fresh clemnetines sitting on that kitchen island!

hoping today has you seeing little surprise gifts too.
hAppY fRidAy yaLL!